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Learn to drive the line like the pros! We’ve got the full throttle Go-Karts and the driving instructor to take you to the next level.

ChrisBaker_Headshot-300x240Meet Chris Baker:
As a professional competitive motorsports trainer and driver Chris has the knowledge and patience to take you to the next step in racing. His professional curriculum covers all aspects of oval racing including focus, skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

Chris provides you the driving skills necessary to take you through the process of purchasing your first Go-Kart and finding your competitive comfort zone. Speed School sessions with Chris are scheduled approximately once per month but competitive individuals who would like to schedule a private session may request the lesson at least 72 hours in advance, based on availability of staff and resources.

Our professional process consists of both classroom and on-track training. Our instructor will use 3 sessions in the classroom and 4 sessions on the track allowing the trainee driving experience in the Go-Karts. Your Speed School experience includes the use of all race gear and Go-Karts, instruction and training materials. Upon completion of your CTS Go-Kart Speed School training, you will be issued a completion certificate. With the combination of our professional, world-class trainer, and our high performance Go-karts, there is no better place to start your training experience than at CTS Go-Kart Speed School.  To book a speed school course, please fill out the contact form below with the requested time of your speed school and Chris Baker will be in contact within 48 hours.

Anyone can turn laps on the track but to truly race and be fast you need to learn to develop proper technique. CTS’ Speed School provides both the information and true on-track experience that are the essential building blocks to developing a racing skill-set. It’s educational, practical and fun. If you want to develop or hone your driving skills you must attend CTS’ Speed School. You won’t be sorry.

Matt C.

After attending Chris Baker’s “Speed School” at CTS, he had us out on the track and going faster than we ever imagined. We learned that there is so much more to racing than just right foot down and hold on! His focus on technique and craft in the classroom immediately purges me of my bad habits and taught me a better skill set that translated immediately to winning races and ultimately a League Championship! CTS has a great facility to learn at with great friendly personnel and was worth every penny! Sometime I still here Chris Baker’s voice in my head as I race!

Doug G.

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