2016 Rules and Regulations

The rules outlined herein do not in anyway ensure the safety of any official, driver, team member, or spectator. These rules are intended to promote safe and fair competition. The Technical Director may at anytime modify these rules in fairness of competition. Decisions made by the Technical Director will be considered FINAL.

NOTE: The rules for the Grand Stocks and Bandoleros are still in the process of being updated and will be released as soon as they are finalized!!

Technical Rules

General Rules

Radio Frequency - 461.700

2016 Central Texas Speedway General Rules

These rules and procedures herein in no way ensure safety of any official, driver, team member or spectator. It is the responsibility of every individual in attendance to make sure his or her own safety is provided for at all times. The Chief Technical Inspector and Race Director have the right to adjust, amend, or modify any rules at anytime in the interest of fairness of competition or safety. Chief Technical Inspectors rulings on technical infractions will be final.

1. Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is the responsibility of the driver, crew, and car owner. Responsibility includes the quality, installation, and operability of any and all safety equipment. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport, and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to spectators, participants, or others in attendance.

All drivers are required to have the following anytime the car or truck is on the track under power:

  • An approved fire retardant driving suit. Double layer or more and fire retardant underwear are strongly recommended.
  • A racing helmet with a minimum SNELL 95 or SA 2000 rating. Date must be within 5 years.
  • Fire retardant gloves and racing shoes.
  • Head and Neck restraints are strongly recommended!
  • All teams are required to have 1-10# fire extinguisher per car easily accessible in every pit. We are going to check for fire extinguishers you will not be allowed to start your car until you have proven you have 1 per car.

The following are Safety Requirements:

  • The steering wheel and steering shaft and all reachable roll bars must be padded.
  • All cars must have a quick release steering wheels except Grand Stocks & Sport Compacts.
  • All cars must have aluminum racing seats with head supports. All seats must be mounted with aircraft grade fasteners to the roll cage.
  • All cars must have at least five point harness with 3” lap and shoulder belts less than 5 years old mounted to the roll cage and seat mounting bars with at least 3/8” aircraft grade fasteners.
  • All cars must have a drivers side window net with quick release that is mounted to the roll cage and is S.F.I. Approved and less than 5 years old.
  • All cars will have a minimum 2 throttle return springs and 1 throttle stop.
  • All cars will have a fire extinguisher or system that is fully charged within reach of driver.

Roll Cage Specs.

  • Basic roll cage should be 4 post design with horizontal door bars.
  • A minimum 3 drivers side door bars are required and must be located to provide maximum protection to driver.
  • Roll cage should be constructed of a minimum of 1.5” x.095” round low carbon or seamless steel tubing.
  • Roll cage and door bars must be notched, gusseted, braced, and securely welded at all junctions.
  • Drivers head with helmet on belted in seat must not protrude above cage.
  • All cars must have minimum 1/8” steel plate from top left door bar to as far down as possible.
  • All cars including Grand Stocks must run a racing wheel on right front with a minimum 5/8” diameter wheel studs. This is not required on Minis.

Items not allowed regardless of class:

  • Traction control, on board timing, data acquisition, orabs brake systems.
  • Carbon fiber parts.
  • Titanium parts
  • Tungsten.
  • Nitrous Oxide.
  • On board adjust able suspension devices. Brake bias ok.
  • No alcohol all cars must run on pump or race gas with no oxygen bearing agents.
  • No antifreeze in any car in any class.


  • All weights will be prior to race.
  • Must maintain minimum weight after qualifying.
  • There will be a $15 a pound penalty for any lost ballast at anytime.

Radios and Scanners

  • 2-way radios will be allowed in Pro Late Models, Modifieds, Trucks, and Super Street Stocks.
  • 2-way radios will not be allowed in any other classes.
  • All competitors are required to have a scanner, it is optional to be listened to by either the driver or spotter unless you do not have 2-way radios it must be worn by the driver.


  • Will be on any car on the track at anytime.
  • Will be mounted no further forward than 24” from the centerline of the right front lower ball joint.
Central Texas Speedway